Mending Wings: Survivors of Sexual Abuse

This is a support forum for victims/survivors of sexual abuse, and/or anyone who knows someone who has suffered sexual abuse (their families, etc.). It is a place to feel at ease, safe, and to heal.
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 Mending Wings: My Story of Sexual Abuse

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PostSubject: Mending Wings: My Story of Sexual Abuse   Mending Wings: My Story of Sexual Abuse Icon_minitimeSun Mar 27, 2011 12:01 pm

I started this blog in December 2010, with the hope to reach other victims/survivors of sexual abuse. I'd like to be able to get across to them they they are not alone, nor are they at fault for what happened to them in ANY way, shape, or form. In my blog, I write my feelings, my experiences with sexual abuse, my journey, my leaps and set-backs. . .everything. Some entries may even be about something totally random, lol!

After creating my blog, I decided to make a forum, because I'd like for others to be able to tell their stories, talk to each other, and have a safe place, a support group where they can go when they feel they need someone to talk to who would understand them, because the members have been through sexual abuse as well.

Then, after listening to my mother and her suggestion to make a place for the family of the sexual abuse victims/survivors, I decided to include one in my forum. Victims/Survivors may be the direct victims of sexual abuse, but their families and friends can be indirect victims. They, too, suffer along with us when they see us hurting, and are unable to help. . .leaving them feeling helpess, powerless, and guilty.
Mending Wings: My Story of Sexual Abuse
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Mending Wings: My Story of Sexual Abuse
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